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Detox Recommended Products

We are dedicated to providing the most effective health and wellness products. Our philosophy is “Out with the BAD… In with the GOOD!” Simply stated, if you can eliminate toxins and pathogens from the body and feed the body with whole food nutrients while supporting the immune system how can you not help the body to win?

We don’t just sell our products WE USE THEM, from our corporate team to our staff and many family members too!


 Maxx Herb

Strengthen Your Immune System!

Pau D' Arco is a natural South American herb that has been traditionally used to help support a healthy lymphatic and immune system. Pau D' Arco has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties.

Maxx Herb Pau D’ Arco & Pau D’ Arco Plus are by far the health conscious consumers’ choice! Join the tens of thousands of Maxx Herb consumers today and start experiencing the health benefits nature intended.

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 Detox Foot Pads

Cleanse, Energize and Detoxify!

If you are looking for an effortless detox, more energy and relief from pain, Detox Foot Pads, a revolutionary product from Japan are the answer for you. Just place the pads on the bottom of your feet before going to sleep and throw them away in the morning.


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  Nano Wand

Balance and Energize Your Body!

The Nano Wand contains a special combination of granulated minerals and crystals fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level to resonate at Zero-Point Energy; they have powerful healing qualities and are energy amplifiers that can absorb, store, release and regulate energy. Helping to balance the body's energy and speeding up the healing process, the Nano Wand is the perfect choice for you!

Visit Nano Wand Web Site



 SeaAloe Liquid Whole Food

Your Source For Perfect Nutrition!

SeaAloe’s natural formula makes vitamin and mineral pills obsolete. 13 Rich, plant based liquid super foods in SeaAloe deliver 80+ vitamins, minerals, amino acids and bio-elements in nature’s perfect balance. A must for all ages.

Visit SeaAloe Web Site


ION Bath Platinum Edition

Flush Away Years Of Toxins!

The ION Bath detoxifies the body while you soak your feet in a tub of warm water. The process generates ions, which attach themselves to the toxins in the body, helping draw them out into the water. After a 20-30 minute session the water in the bath will change colors, indicating the release of toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, parasites and other unhealthy materials eliminated from the body.


Visit ION Bath Web Site



  TheraLaze Cold Laser

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

The TheraLaze hand held laser designed with patient care and home use in mind. LLLT involves applying a "low" energy or "low level" laser on or near the skin surface in order to stimulate cellular processes and enhance biochemical reactions. By increasing physical and chemical changes at the cellular level LLLT enables the cells deprived of blood flow in the damaged tissue to heal and to attain their normal functions. TheraLaze is programmed with over 50 codes when concerned with acne, allergies, TMJ, sore muscles, scars, gallbladder support, liver support, and kidney support… plus much more.


Visit TheraLaze Web Site



ION Shower Head

Protects Your Family’s Health!

The ION Shower Head eliminates chlorine, bacteria, parasites, odor, allergens and more from tap water and produces negative Ions, infrared rays and purified water. The filters never need to be changed and with the noticeable improvements to your hair and skin you will never want to shower in unprotected water again.

Visit Ion Shower Head Web Site



 SuperFruits GT

The Ultimate Antioxidant Formula

Superfruits GT is a combination of the world’s most renowned superberries, all in one, simple product. This Antioxidant Giant contains:

Acai – Mangosteen – Wolfberry – Pomegranate – Blueberry - Green Tea - Resveratrol - Peach – Pear - White Grape

Liberate your body by trying Superfruits GT today and help your body fight against free radical damage.

Visit  Superfruits FT Web Site


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