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Q: What is the recommended number of detox pads for my initial order?

A: We recommend a minimum of 30 pads. This will give you enough pads to detoxify consecutively for two weeks. After that, you may choose to wear them three to five nights a week for maintenance.

Q: How long should I use the Detox Pads?

A: Each Detox Pad can be used from 4 to 9 hours.

Q: Will the pads lessen in discoloration with continued use?

A: The pads may lessen in discoloration with continued use. However, please keep in mind that toxins get into our body every day in many different forms. Therefore, our bodies can never be toxin-free.

Q: Can I use detox pads while taking prescription medications?

A: Yes, the detox pads may be used while taking prescription medications.

Q: Are detox pads containing Chitosan harmful to those with severe shellfish allergies?

A: The chitosan in our pads with this ingredient are mushroom chitosan (chitosan derived from mushroom). Kenrico have been utilizing mushroom chitosan since the approval of their organic standard. They are not able to use any animal products due to the regulation concerning organic products. Mushroom chitosan is a tad more expensive, but superb in quality and actually require less processing because of its organic source.

Q: Can children use detox pads? If so, at what age?

A: Yes. Children above 2 years old may use the Detox Foot Pads.

Q: Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

A: We do not recommend using the Detox Pads during pregnancy.

Q: Can I use one edition on one foot and another edition on the other foot?

A: Yes. We recommend, however, using one color edition at a time so that you can easily determine which edition works best for you

Q: Are there any adverse side effects from using the Detox Pads?

A: Unlike products with chemical ingredients, there no adverse side effects from using the Detox Pads because the ingredients are all natural.

Q: Can the Detox Pads be used while breast feeding?

A: Yes, the Detox Pads can be used while breast feeding.

Q: Can I put the Detox Pads anywhere other than my feet?

A: Yes, however, the bottom of the foot is where most of the nerves in our body end. Therefore, the Detox Pad is best used on the sole of the foot to clean out waste and toxic materials that are expelled in the form of sweat.

Q: Do you recommend a company to test used Detox Foot Pads?

Yes, we recommend CTS Originals. They offer Syncrometer™ testing of used Detox Foot Pads. The test results will show whether or not used foot pads contained any of the following 15 potentially harmful substances:

• Benzene
• Isopropyl alcohol
• Methyl alcohol
• Aluminum
• Cadmium
• Copper
• Lead
• Mercury
• Nickel
• Thallium
• Thulium
• Arsenic
• Asbestos
• Azo dyes
• PCB’s

Click Here To Download The Form:
The cost is $20 for the analysis and results take up to 2 weeks.


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