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30 Foot Wipes - $9.00
60 Foot Wipes - $17.50
250 Foot Wipes - $69.50

Put Your Best Foot Forward with
Kenrico Gentlecare Foot Wipes

What are Kenrico Foot Wipes?
Kenrico Foot Wipe, or Gentlecare, is made from durable cotton soft fabric impregnated with our own blend of 100% natural, purest wood vinegar. They measure approx 5.5cm x 7.5cm, making them ideal to carry in your pocket or handbag for refreshment any time of day or night.

Researched and developed by Kenrico, Gentlecare is made not only to remove foot odor, but to cleanse the leftover deposits from the sole of the feet following the use of any of our Detox Foot Pads/Sap Sheet.

The unique combination of the Detox Foot Pads/Sap Sheet and wipes are perfect to keep your feet in top condition.

Gently wipe the bottom of both feet, after removing the detox pads, and experience clean and refreshed feet.


How do they work?

Our Foot Wipe works by utilizing the properties in the high quality wood vinegar, contained in the wipe, to disinfect our feet keeping them free from germs or bacteria that can cause unpleasant foot odor. It also treats and moisturizes the skin on both feet ready for daily activity, or ready for a further treatment with our detox pads.

Save time and effort cleansing your feet with Kenrico Gentlecare Foot Wipes and spend more time on your activities.

One swipe with our unique wipe will do it all.

What makes our Foot Wipes better?

1. Quality. Our Foot Wipes were exclusively researched and developed by Kenrico, using only the finest, highest-grade wood vinegar available and contains extracts from the Ubame oak.
Our Foot Wipes are also specially sealed to ensure a long shelf life of up to 5 years.
The outside of the packets are fully coated for a shiny finish and are waterproof. The inside is foil coated for long life and freshness.

2. GMP. Our Foot Wipes are made in our factory with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification ensuring the highest standard of manufacturing.

3. Safety. We are proud to stand by our products 100%. By being in partnership with state-of-the-art research laboratories in USA, and Japan, we are able to research and test our products on a yearly basis. This continual research and yearly tests enable us to assure our quality, and to provide the best products for you our valued customers.

4. Effectiveness. According to the latest testing, Kenrico Foot Wipes was found to be effective in eliminating the E. Coli. As compared to standard wet wipe, which resulted in some reduction in viable bacterial cells, the Kenrico Foot Wipes were much more effective, yielding a 100% effectiveness ratio.

Antibacterial Wipe Effectiveness Study I

Control environment. 100% effectiveness against E. Coli.

Antibacterial Wipe Effectiveness Study II
Over 99.9% effectiveness against Salmonella & Shigella.

Kenrico "gentlecare" Foot Wipes (front). Kenrico "gentlecare" Foot Wipes (back)

30 Foot Wipes - $9.00
60 Foot Wipes - $17.50
250 Foot Wipes - $69.50

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