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So far I'm using the last 30 of my 90-box package of the Detox Pads every night. I have to admit that I do sleep better and when I get up at nights to use the bathroom I have no problem going back to sleep. I don't feel as sleepy during the day like I used to.
I am livelier during the day and although I am not an exercise person, I'm constantly moving during the day 'cause I work as a courier. I'm also a trumpet player who has realized a comfort in my lips that I haven't seen since I was in my early 20s. I am now 56 years young.*
-- Kelly, Ontario, Canada

In the last few months I had become allergic to my wrist watch which I normally wear 24/7. After using the Gold Pads, I can wear my watch again without any allergic reactions.*
-- Paul, Michigan, USA

After using the Detox Pads for just a few days I had more energy and was able to get up and do house work which is unusual since I have been disabled since 1988. Recently, I was in the hospital for two weeks with lung problems and the Detox Pads really came in handy as I was recuperating. I ran out of the Detox Pads and now am in bed half of the day, tired and dragging most of the time. I just put in another order and can’t wait to get them.*
-- Sandra, Abilene, KS

My son noticed that I had trouble walking so he decided to give me some Silver pads (because of my Diabetes). Within 3 days, I had more energy and the pain from my knee replacement has gone. I have told all my friends about the Detox Pads and they’re all enjoying their pads as well. I really believe in the Detox Foot Pads!*
-- Virginia, Basin, WY

Hi there,

My five-year-old daughter used the Gold and Green Pads for almost a month and she is now free of mercury. Thank you very much. I was terrified because her mercury level almost exceeded 3.0.1 *
-- James, Kent, WA

Things are going well with the Detox plan. I have lost over 15 pounds so far, over a four month period. I'm getting into clothes I have not worn in 4 to 5 years and people are taking notice wanting to know my secret. Thank you so much.*
-- Ashley, Chula Vista, CA

My family of 4 tried to use the Detox Pads for the first time. On the second morning of using the pads, my husband and I were shocked to smell cigarette smoke from our used pads. It was as if we were smoking cigarettes right there. I was very surprised because my husband and I have quit smoking for over 8 years. It’s scary how long toxins can stay in our bodies!*
-- Maria, Portland, OR


I am 68 years old and have been using the Detox Pads for almost two weeks now with some surprising results. I have tried to detox myself before using the "Master Cleanse" diet which consists of lemon juice, maple syrup (grade A) and cayenne pepper. Some people have good success using it but I was not one of them. It made me feel terrible going through it and I was not able to continue more than one day. But with the Detox Pads I have no such side effect; in fact I don't have any side effect.

Some of my early results come in an increased energy level which has allowed me to get back to running and exercising on a regular schedule. And since I am exercising more, I feel better and have lost a few pounds along with it. I also noticed that I have better bowel movements. All in all, I am very pleased and am looking forward to a clean pad when I take them off each morning.*
Thanks Detox Pads!!
-- Gordon

I have been a Chiropractor for 12 years now and have seen my share of Detox programs and products. Most of them are complicated, expensive, and time consuming. I truly love the simplicity and effectiveness of your Detox Foot Pads!
My family and I are using the Enhanced Grapefruit pads because we could all stand to lose some weight. That hasn't happened yet but we are having some other great results.
My husband and two kids all had ringworm when we started using the pads, within a week the kids' ringworm was gone and my husband's more severe case is fading more each day.
My seven year old daughter had body odor and her hair smelled bad despite bathing everyday. This condition also disappeared within a week of using the pads.
The other thing we are noticing is that we feel well-rested in the mornings. All in all we are very pleased with your products and are starting to recommend them to our patients. We have a lot of patients with various maladies that I believe will benefit from the use of Detox Foot Pads. We are so glad we found out about your company and products. Thanks so much!*
-- Dr. Jill Byrnes-Lange, DC, Cedar Rapids, IA

I did get a great deal of relief in my feet. I have used the Gold, Green and Silver editions.
I have smoked for over 30 years and have been suffering from pain for years from working in construction and wear work boots. The foot pads are the only thing I have used that I have experience less numbness and less pain.
Before using the foot pads I have tried creams, shoe inserts, pads, and have soaked my feet in water and Epsom salt. None of these have worked
I can’t tell you how good it feels not to have as much pain.
My mom and my wife also are using the pads with great results. My mom is 80 years old and suffers from lack of circulation and has noticed she is feeling better too. My wife had numbness in 1 foot and now after using the pads the numbness is gone.*
I will be ordering more foot pads soon.
-- Pasquale Ladiana

The Detox Pad I used was the Red Edition. I had a starting of a cold and everyone around me was catching one too. I put in a movie and sat with my red edition pads on for 4 hrs and the sore throat, runny nose and body aches were gone!!!! They are great!*
-- Janet

During the last decade as an owner of Energy Balance Resources I understand the importance of detoxification. Over 5,000 practitioners nationwide use our Ionic Cellular Cleanse Therapy™ Foot Spas to help their patients detoxify.

I have been using the Detox Pads over the past 6 months and have found them extremely effective in combination with our Ionic Foot Spa. I recommend them to everyone who is undergoing any detoxification or wellness program.*
Dr. Richard Amy, San Diego, California USA

*Testimonial results not typical and your results may vary.

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